How We're Different

“Yeah, yeah, that’s what they all say.”

We realize that any electrical contractor can talk a good game, and may genuinely believe they are among the best around. But Amptek has become one of the premier electrical services firms in New Jersey not by simply claiming it is better, but by proving it.

For starters, we’re a knowledge-based company. That makes us better attuned to best practices in the industry, and better able to apply them to your project. Our comprehensive training allows us to be sure our employees are able to provide you the benefits of that knowledge.

Another tangible difference: we employ a process that formalizes our top quality performance before, during, and after every project. We don’t design the plays in the dirt; we follow precise procedures that have virtually guaranteed client satisfaction in the past. It’s no accident that we’ve never missed a milestone!

Need even more tangible evidence? How about a safety record that ranks at the top of the industry? Add a wide assortment of industry awards for our past projects. And, of course, read the kind words of our clients that attest to our unmatched level of performance, and to their satisfaction with our efforts.

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